Saturday, April 2, 2011

About Arduino'S BIRTH

Posted by rinson

Michael McRoberts discovered the Arduino in 2008 while looking forways to connect a temperature sensor to a PC to make a Cloud Detectorfor his other hobby of astrophotography. After a bit of research, the Arduinoseemed like the obvious choice, and the Cloud Detector was successfullymade, quickly and cheaply. Mike’s fascination with the Arduino had begun.Since then he has gone on to make countless projects using the Arduino.
He had also founded an Arduino starter kit and component online businesscalled Earthshine Electronics. His next project is to use an Arduino-basedcircuit to send a high altitude balloon up to the edge of space to takestills and video for the heck of it, with the help of the guys from UKHASand CUSF.
Mike’s hobby of electronics began as a child when the 100-in-1 electronics kits from Radio Shackmade up his Christmas present list. He started programming as a hobby when he obtained a SinclairZX81 computer as a teenager. Since then, he’s never been without a computer. Recently, he’s become aMac convert.
He is a member of London Hackspace and  the OrpingtonAstronomical Society and can regularly be
found contributing to the Arduino Forum. He also likes to lurk on IRC in the Arduino, high altitude andlondon-hack-space channels (as “earthshine”), and on Twitter as “TheArduinoGuy.” When he is notmessing around with Arduinos or running Earthshine Electronics, he likes to indulge in astronomy,
astrophotography, motorcycling, and sailing.