Sunday, February 2, 2014

hardware of mindflex dual head set

Posted by rinson
Here’s the basic layout of the Mind Flex hardware. Most of the action is in the headband, which holds the EEG hardware. A micro controller in the headband parses data from the EEG chip and sends updates wirelessly to a base station, where a fan levitates the ball and several LEDs illuminate to represent your current attention level.
This schematic immediately suggests several approaches to data extraction. The most common strategy we’ve seen is to use the LEDs on the base station to get a rough sense of the current attention level. This is nice and simple, but five levels of attention just doesn’t provide the granularity we were looking for.

We decided to take a higher-level approach by grabbing serial data directly from the NeuroSkyEEG chip and cutting the rest of the game hardware out of the loop, leaving a schematic that looks more like this: